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November 2019

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 Locked In (Literate and up)

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PostSubject: Re: Locked In (Literate and up)   Locked In (Literate and up) - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 10:51 am

Demitri still sat downstairs, his back pressed against the dirty, rough wall, though he failed to notice any of this. A slightly insane grin had wormed its way onto the tired vampire's face. His sharp hearing caught Cyrus' voice from upstairs and somewhere inside his messed up head he knew his friend was having another episode. Sometimes he envied Cyrus, his insanity came in bursts, beautiful hallucinogenic bursts, where as his insanity was always inside his head, the voices calling to him, trying to control him. Groaning, he smacked his head back against the wall, feeling a spider web of tiny cacks racing away from where he had connected. He should go help Cyrus, he knew he should, but he was so exahusted, and the effort to move just seemed overwhelming at that moment. Sighing, he closed his eyes, just for a moment, and then, Demitri was lost.

The vampire's body suddenly jerked forward, as if he were a puppet controlled by strings. His movemets harsh and choppy as if he weren't in control of them at all. This happened once in awhile to Demitri, overwhelming exahustion lead to him relaxing his guard, just for a minute, and then it happened. His other personalities, the voices in his head suddenly took over, leaving the sane Demitri trapped inside his own mind, screaming to get out as they took over.
It had been Cyrus whom had snapped him out of this before when it had happened, but now, with Cyrus caught up in his episode, odds are he wouldn't be able to.

The puppet-like vampire made his way towards the door, a twisted, angry grin on his face. Without warning, a loud bang sounded and the vampire, so weak moments before, was thrown backwards, clutching a peice of ancient wood in his hand. It didn't matter, they could tear the door down, they still wouldn't be able to escape. However, Demitri's voices didn't care, they wanted out, they wanted to be free, and wreak havoc on the world that had forgotten they existed.
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Locked In (Literate and up)
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