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November 2019

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 Welcome to the Rave *semi-lit+*

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Welcome to the Rave *semi-lit+* Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Rave *semi-lit+*   Welcome to the Rave *semi-lit+* I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 09, 2011 7:44 pm

Welcome to the Rave. If you're reading this, then you've undoubtedly seen the signs and messages that I, and some of my other Ravers, have put up. I don't care where you saw it. I don't judge. If you're wondering who I am, I'm the leader of this little organization. I have many names, none of them my real name. The Ravers give me many monikers. I am Zephyr, Volgen, the Dreamer, Spine, and many more. I prefer my first alias, though. Call me Vector Zero. Let me give you some rules, newcomer. In this organization, nobody has to know your name, not even me. You can tell others your name if you wish, though. When you join, I will give you a Rave name. This will become as much your identity as your real name. You will only tell others about us if you think they are worthy to join the Rave. You will have equal authority with all other Ravers, apart from me, of course. You will do what you can to stand out of the crowd. Never blend in. Always be an individual. You will not betray us, because I will find you. And when I come looking for you, you will soon cease to Rave altogether. And when you cease to Rave, you cease to breath. You will leave messages for those who care to look, for only the perceptive can join our never-ending Rave.

That is the message you receive after checking out a strange website from a little message you saw scrawled on the wall in your favourite nightclub. You decide to join up, just to see what's going on. You are assigned your alias, and a new order-get a new tattoo on your face. You decide to go through with it. It might be fun. but, a few weeks after joining the website, strange things start happening. You start seeing more and more people, but you can't remember any of them. They all wear black suits, black sunglasses, and black hats. You don't know who they are, but they follow you. Then, one day, you wake up in a padded cell with a few other people that have face tattoos. They all joined the Rave, too. Can you make it home?

1. I'm in charge, and can ask you to leave or bar you from joining if I want.
2. No flaming, godmodding, powerplaying, or bunnying.
3. Ask to join.
4. Use the bio skeleton provided.
5. You must make a bio.
6. Two characters max, one from each faction. You can have fast one-off characters, too, though. Ask if you want more than two permanent characters.
7. If you want to join the Rave for real, go to
8. Post "Blood dripping, forever..." to show you read the rules.

Bio skeleton~~~~~~~~~

Faction(Rave or Men In Suits):
Eye colour:
Skin tone:
Tattoo(if Rave):
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Welcome to the Rave *semi-lit+*
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