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September 2019

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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts   Hogwarts - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 2:27 pm

OOC: I'm doing a bit of a time skip. I want Bane to be out of the hospital since its a bit of a pain in the arse to write. Poor kid. Anyway, skipping to his release! (if he behaves of course)


Blaise accepted the thick packet of parchment from the healer. It had a list of food as well as a copious amount of instructions on how to care for Bane at home now. His son had, thankfully, put on some weight in the hospital as well as realized what had happened to him and was now well on the road to recovery. The healers now felt safe enough letting Bane go home as long as he stuck to his nutriton plan and came back to see them regularly so they could still monitor his health.

"Thank you" Blaise said, pocketing the parchment before summoning Bane's belongings. It was remarkable how much he had managed to accumulate at over his stay.
"No problem, feel free to floo or come by if you have an concerns"
"Will do, and he is fine to go to the New Years party?"
"Yes as long as he eats whats on the list, don't let anyone try to stuff him full, that will on result in a relapse" The healer said before waving Blaise out of the room. Bane and Jay were sitting outside on the stiff, waiting room chairs both watching Blaise anxiously.
"Ready to go home?" He asked with a grin, eyes twinkling as he saw their faces light up.
"I can go home?" Bane asked, hope filling his features.
"Yes, as long as we follow the instuctions the healers gave me, which I think we can manage" Blaise said with a soft smile.
"I have all your things, all we have to do now is sign you out" He explained as Bane barreled into him, hugging him tightly. Blaise smiled, rubbing his child's thin, bony shoulder. It still hurt him to see how thin Bane was and it killed him to know that Jay had been forced to deal with this for months before he was even aware. He had filed for divorce and had sent along enough proof that he would have no trouble getting full custody of the twins. Plus he was a pureblood lord, his children were his heirs and they would remaine with him.


Fred grinned as he got the letter he'd been waiting for.
"He's coming" He shouted as he bolted down the stairs of his house, waving the letter frantically at his father.
"Hes out of the hospital and him and Jay are coming to the party" He shoved the note at his father, practically demanding George read it.
"Well that is good news" George said, reading over the letter as well as the extra note from Blaise. He'd have to have a word with his mother about food it seemed but besides that, everything looked to be working out.
"You know I'm incredibly proud of you" George said, drawing the teen close to him.
"You and Jay really helped Bane out, he's incredibly lucky to have you two"
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts   Hogwarts - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26, 2014 12:07 am

((Maybe even jump a bit to the party....Let's get the band back together Very Happy ))

The day Bane was released from the hospital was probably the happiest day for Jay. At least the happiest he could currently remember. He was beyond thankful that Bane had turned around and was eating enough that the doctors trusted him to keep it up after release. Of course, Jay would be keeping an eye on him. There was no way Jay was letting Bane slip up and get sent back here. Once they were home, Jay couldn't stop smiling. And whenever it came time for meals, he always made sure that Bane's plate had just the right amount of food-not too much to intimidate his brother, and enough that he could actually eat it all without upsetting his stomach.

Christmas was lovely. Actually, it was one of the best Christmas' Jay could remember. There were gifts, of course, but the best part was having Dad around, and Bane out of the hospital. There had been a few days where Jay was seriously worried her brother wouldn't make it for Christmas. But he did, and that was all that matter.

Pretty soon, they were packing an over-night bag and getting ready to head to the Burrow for New Year's eve.
"Bane...." Jay called from his room. "Have you seen my scarf? The black and gray one? Not my Hogwarts one..."


"Have you got everything pumpkin?"
"Yes Mum, I packed last night."
"Are you're certain Molly's fine with you staying until the end of break?"
"Of course."
"We had a wonderful Christmas this year didn't we darling?"
Alice gave her mother a wide grin that put all other doubts to rest. A quick hug and then she was in the chimney, heading towards the Weasly's residence.
"Alice is that you?"
"Was it obvious?" Alice giggled.
"A bit. We weren't expecting Bane and Jay for a few more hours." Rose appeared from around the corner, a book clutched in her arms. She helped Alice dust off the soot and took her main bag away from the fireplace. "Oh you're staying till the train back right?"
"Yes." Alice said with a nod and a smile. "Has anyone else arrived yet?"
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts   Hogwarts - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 04, 2014 12:20 pm

Bane poked his head sheepishly out of his bedroom, the exact scarf Jay had been asking for wrapped around his neck.
"You mean the one I borrowed from you earlier without asking?" He said with a grin before tugging off the aforementioned item and handing it to his twin.
"Its so much warmer then mine" He added in way of explanation before disappearing back into his room to finish packing. They were only going for a few days but he still had a fair amount packed, staying with the Weasleys usually warrented mutliple outfit changes from rough housing, snow ball fights, Quidditch matches and general rambunctiousness.

Putting his bag down outside his room, Bane wrapped his Slytherin scarf around his neck. It was the only one he currently had since he couldn't seem to find his other one.
"All packed?" Blaise asked curiously from where he was standing between the twins' rooms.
"Yupp" Bane grinned, "And I'm flooing over while you apperate with Jay since you wanted to talk to Mrs. Weasley" He added, reminding his father of the plan the three of them had come up with. He didn't want his Dad talking to Fred's grandmother at all but he also knew how much his twin hated flooing, this was a good compromise even though Blaise hadn't fully understood why he and Jay were apperating instead of flooing as well.


Scorp sighed and shouldered his bag a bit higher. His father was standing next to him, struggling to keep the sneering look of disdane off his face as he surveyed The Burrow.
"Are you sure?" Draco asked for probably the tenth time.
"Yes Dad" Scorpius said with a small sigh, "Completely sure, these are some of my friends and they invited me. Besides Jay and Bane will be there and you like them, and Blaise" The blond teen reminded his Father.
"I know" Draco said, hand tightening slightly on his son's shoulder.
"You can always come home if you want" He reminded the teen, "Besides that, try and have fun, though maybe not too much, this house -he said house in a sarcastic manner, as if he didn't believe The Burrow qualified as an actual house- can stand it" He said, giving his son a hug before disappearing with a crack.
Scorpius shook his head and grinned, nothing really would change his Father or Grandfather for that matter but at least they were trying. Shifting his bag strap for a moment he walked forward hoping someone he knew was already here, he didn't want to be left alone with people he didn't know, especially not people who loathed his family.

OOC: Since Fred's already there, I'm not going to write him just yet, XD
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts   Hogwarts - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 10:38 pm

Jay couldn't help the light smile on his face when he saw the scarf around his brother's neck. "Twit." he teased, taking the scarf and shoving it into his bag. He knew he was going to need it later. If it snowed like it had last year, they'd be counting down the new year with a snow-man building contest. Jay was not going to be caught sick again just before the return to Hogwarts.
"That's the last of it." Jay sighed as he shut his bag and wandered out to the living room. He was beyond grateful that Bane had come up with the plan to travel sepearting. It saved Jay from flooing. One of these days....

"Yea I'm set! Let's go! I'm dying for those crumpets Grandma always makes." Jay was grinning as he spoke, and maybe it was a bit wider than usual, but that was just how Jay felt. Better than usual.


"Was that the door?" Alice questioned with a tilt of her head.
"I dunno." Rose answered with a shrug. "Go have a look then." She said, nudging the girl. She was closest to the front door anyway.
"Weren't the twins coming by floo?" Alice wonder.
"Usually." It was the only answer she was given, so Alice shrugged and pulled the door open. A brisk winter breeze struck her, and Alice gasped softly. She blinked then, seeing Scorpius on the other side. Her lips turned in a pleasant smile.
"That coat doesn't look warm enough." Alice noted, but she stepped aside so the lad could walk in. "It's much warmer inside." she added with a gentle nod.
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts   Hogwarts - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeThu May 08, 2014 12:36 pm

Scorpius grinned and walked inside.
"Heating charms, it's a lot warmer then it looks" He said, sticking his nose into the air in an imitation of his Grandfather, "Malfoys are always fashionable"
Stepping tentitively inside The Burrow, the whole place was bursting with smell and colour and it was like nothing he'd ever seen before.
"Woah" He breathed as Molly Weasley bustled around putting food on an overladen table.
"Twins aren't here yet?" He asked curiously. From what he understood Bane was doing way better but he wanted to see the other teen for himself.


Bane smiled wanely and headed for the floo, he still felt a bit unsure about this but he wanted to see his friends and get back on track.
"See you there" Blaise said as he gathered the twins bags and swung them over his shoulder, it was easier for him to handle them apperating then for Bane to carry it since he was flooing.
"Grab on" He instructed his son before the pair apperated away, landing neatly outside the Weasleys home just as Bane stepped through the floo.

"Bane" Fred shouted as his friend stepped out of the floo. Letting out a gasp of shock, Bane found himself lying on the floor with Fred hugging the heck out of him.
"Hey" He rasped out trying to get his barrings back. Scorpius who was standing nearby began giggling like crazy before going over and helping the pair up.
"You're lucky he didn't fall back into the fire" The blond Slytherin admonished though he was laughing.
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