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September 2019

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 OnexOne with Fire :D

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PostSubject: Re: OnexOne with Fire :D   OnexOne with Fire :D - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat May 28, 2011 4:59 pm

Ire wandered to her bathroom. Not having the desire to ask where it was. He found it at about the time Sara had started to fill the cupboards up. Ire turned on the water, watching it run for a moment as if intrigued. He could see the water run in frames seeing the movement of the drops of water. From the time the exited the spout to when they hit the basin, breaking and splashing, to when they went down the drain. He smiled; he was still child like in that sense. He was easily amused.
Ire lifted his hand to his lips licking blood from his hand, a low, soft moan exiting his lips. He smiled and placed his hands under the sink, the clear water turning orange. Ire splashed water on his face, it too turned orange, flecking the sink. He looked down. His shirt and pants were hopeless but at least his skin was clean.
He wondered back down the hallway and into the kitchen, grimacing at the smell of the food. “What are you eating?” He asked, his nose wrinking.

"The stars swam across the night sky with his loss
And his father appeared in that sea
And the drum of his heart nearly broke him apart
As he fell to the ground on one knee

For he'd come to wait for his Da at the gate
With a broken toy sword in his hand
From beyond death he'll come with the beat of love's drum
To honour his son and his land"
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OnexOne with Fire :D
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