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May 2018

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 1x1 Zanita and Unseelie

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PostSubject: 1x1 Zanita and Unseelie   Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:58 pm

An oasis in a desert with a bustling merchant population. The culture is a mixture of persian and egyptian elements, and the government resembles feudal japan. The grasshopper tournament is occurring this time of year. (because I say so.)


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PostSubject: Re: 1x1 Zanita and Unseelie   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:40 pm



General body type:
Distinguishing characteristics:

Personality (?):


Anything else Worth Mentioning:

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PostSubject: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/097/f/d/Creation__by_grzanka.jpg   Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:19 pm

Eh, this'll work for a start. I'm planning on having a much more serious 38 year old nomadic warrior, but that'll have to wait until I log on next time. Depending on how I feel, Entomas might get talkative once he's friends, or he might always be shy and weird.

Name: Entomas
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: (first impression) Bronzed from the sun and usually dirty. He is short, but doesn't seem like it because he isn't stocky. He always manages to stand gawkily or else crouch oddly, but in everything he does he seems uncomfortable.
Hair: Blonde, short, and naturally spiked.
Eyes: Light brown
General body type: Gangling and thin, but also short.
Clothes: Mix matched and mostly scavenged. He has one shoe and a thick sock for the other foot. He also has one glove and a light chest plate that is too large for his build. Always with a small knife in his large belt, as well as a short machete. The machete is used for cutting through grasses, harvesting, and defense if necessary. (though its pretty uselss) He also has a small collection of woven "cages" that contain various insects. These are slung across his back.
Distinguishing characteristics: Two self-given tattoos. One on his ankle and one on his wrist. They are meaningless designs and swirls.
Other: Stores what he is carrying in the chest plate.
Personality: Awkward and has numerous unusual habits. He blurts out stuff, but is usually silent with unblinking eyes. He is honest, but gives off the appearance of being furtive.
Backstory: His family consists of his mother and father as well as two elder siblings, however he has largely lived apart from his family since he was only seven. Their lifestyle of traveling has made them each distant and independent from each other, so he is used to going months without any contact with them. His father is a bard, his mother a fortuneteller, but they pursue numerous other trades and odd jobs.
Occupation: Unfortunately Entomas did not inherit his family's knack for a silver tongue and prefers the outskirts of society. He is largely an errand boy and a gatherer. (collects plants for obscure purposes) If he is short on money he will sell sand paintings, and he is quite skilled at it. To a select few he offers a source of rumors since he's good at being ignored. (This week he plans to earn a fair amount by betting in the grasshopper tournament. He has supplied many of the participants with their grasshopper champions.)
Anything else Worth Mentioning: He has an unhealthy fascination with insects. This will be a major characteristic.


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PostSubject: Re: 1x1 Zanita and Unseelie   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:20 am

Click on spoiler squares to see the picture by the way.
Edit: Done with Bio#2. =]

Name: Tawkep
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Appearance: (first impression) He has a blazing confidence that practically radiates from himself. He isn't cocky, but he has a sure stride. His face is worn and sun-cracked, but not tired.
Hair: Down to his shoulders and a light brown. Its silky and windswept.
Eyes: Forgettable grey-green.
General body type: Rugged and solid. Doesn't lack lean muscle, and tends toward the "strong man" end of the spectrum. Medium height.
Clothes: Leather jerkin over a white kurta with an dull orange sarong for the bottoms. Also wears a ghutra. He has assorted leather belts around his arms and calfs. The ring on his ghutra is actually a small whip. He has a larger one hanging at his side, as well as a thick knife that is used primarily for cutting leather. These are attached to three belts that he wears around his waist. He carries a trunk on his back packed with supplies and many scraps of leather.
Distinguishing characteristics: He has a large deep scar in his right thigh from when a boar gored him. He nearly died from the experience.
Other: Is deft with a spear, but doesn't carry one.
Personality: He has a deep quiet laugh and doesn't hesitate to enjoy himself. However, life has made him hard and he has a rather cynical outlook on life. He is used to solitude, but doesn't really prefer it. As with other things, it must be endured until better times come. Its his restless nature and his desire for change that pushes him to travel, not the traveling itself. Once he gets to a destination, he doesn't seek the spotlight, but he makes friends easily enough at taverns. Getting his goodwill is as easy as starting a gripping tale, and he has a few he'll tell you in return for the favor.
Backstory: Family doesn't come into the picture, but he has a younger sister. He also had a wife and a son, but they are currently separated. They don'e bear ill will toward one another, and he may settle with them later in life, but he couldn't take up anything that kept him in one place.
Occupation: Deals in all types of leather. He skins, tans, cures, and decorates leather. He has traveled widely to procure a variety of leather and sells it along his travels. As such he has hunted a fair number of creatures in many ways.
Anything else Worth Mentioning: He claims to 'understand' camels, and has a fondness for the beasts. "If you're willing to put up with them, they'll put up with you, sure enough. And that's all one can really ask, isn'it?"

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PostSubject: Re: 1x1 Zanita and Unseelie   

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1x1 Zanita and Unseelie
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